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Why your Association and Not-For-Profit needs an Outstanding Membership Website

Around 97% of website visitors who come to your website are looking to do research on your association. This is a high number of people and therefore, your Not-For-Profit website not only has to cater for those looking to make a donation, entice volunteers and new members but also educate visitors about your association's industry.

User Journey

Maximise Sponsorship Income with Thriving Sponsorship Seekers

A challenge exists for associations in receiving ongoing funding from sponsorship in today's competitive environment. Many associations are now seeing a slight decline in membership and/or attendance, highlighting the fact that sponsorship is even more important than previously.

The key to obtaining sponsorship and new sources of revenue is finding the right organisation to become partners with, and using this partnership to find a constant revenue stream. The right partners can assist members in furthering their careers within the industry.

Deciding on Fully-Automated, Semi- Automated or Manual Processes?

The challenge exists in finding the best solution to suit your business needs. The features and workflows offered need to accommodate your association's requirements and this is an important factor that should be considered. There are positives and negatives with processes however the fully-automated process seems to outweigh any negative aspects that may arise within an Association or Not-For-Profit organisation workflow.

Ask the Right Questions

NFP Statistics for Online Giving

It is no surprise that consumers are turning more and more to the digital space for everyday needs, and online giving is no different. The percentage of online giving has increased and will only escalate over the coming years as new and already established donors turn to the convenience and accessibility of the internet.

Not-For-Profit organisation websites are now rolling out mobile websites which will take donating a step further into the digital space.

Marketing Opportunity

How to Recruit & Maintain Volunteers

Almost every association relies on aspects of their work to be done by volunteers, and it's often hard to recruit and retain these workers. It's easy to get volunteers excited on their first day or week but keeping them around for a longer duration which is every association’s goal, can be difficult.

Finding the balance between repetitive tasks and giving them the ability to take leadership and progress in their role will benefit your workers and enhance the work environment. 

Give your Volunteers a Voice