15 Impressive Ways Software Changed Lives and the World in 2015

Catherine Lever - Member Evolution

Capterra has collected a great range of data that focuses on the intangible effects on real people from doing business rather than looking at what saves organisation time and money.

The research demonstrates how software has impacted changed and even saved lives for the better. They have complied the top 15 ways software has given back to the world in 2015, and the results are truly astonishing. It is amazing how such a simply project management tool can impact directly on the people using the software, as they found users of the software saved 2.5 hours when using the project management tool.

Innovation and technology is definitely changing the way consumers work, everyone wants to work more efficiently and automation and intuitive software programs are making our lives easy. Associations are also looking for easier ways to manage and communicate with their ever growing membership base and all this is possible with intuitive CRM membership management software solutions


15 Ways Software Gave Back to the World in 2015