15 Self Service Member Portal Benefits that will add Value to your Association

Mike Whitehouse - Member Evolution Executive Director

Empowering your members, member benefits and member retention are the keywords on all associations' lips, as they strive to add value to their members without realising that for the most part the value is already there - it is just a matter of presentation and education!

The more an association grows its membership base the more resources the organisation requires and hence costs increase. There is. though, another way of addressing this without increasing staff costs. Provision of a 'Self Service Member Portal' adds value in so many ways and listed below are just 15 of the features and benefits that could be available to your organisation with Member Evolution:

  1. ability for members to view, book and pay for events including conferences, workshops and seminars online
  2. view and print their own invoices for all transactions
  3. participate in private social networks within the member portal thus adding value and building repeat visits
  4. keep their own personal profile updated including business details, addresses, contact information, bio and much more saving admin time
  5. adding their own business or directory listing and keeping it updated
  6. submit 'support tickets' in real time via the member portal
  7. choose their personal communication preferences via their member portal which provides total flexibility for the member to decide how often they receive communication updates
  8. online surveys targeted towards individual members' interests and requirements
  9. subscribe to SIG's that are of interest to them
  10. post questions to like-minded members and receive answers
  11. access learning resources, record course results and purchase courses online
  12. library of resources including free and paid
  13. post jobs and even positions vacant (these can also be chargeable items)
  14. comment on articles and answer questions posted by other members and become a 'thought leader' within their community
  15. view their own CPD register and even add their own points from external sources

Improve your Member Engagement and Retention

The above are just some of the member benefits that can be found in the Member Portal of the Member Evolution solution but there are many more. These 15 benefits provide your members with 24/7 access to their own personal dashboard which actually empowers them to keep their data updated and encourage increased member involvement and engagement. The obvious benefit for your organisation is that the provision of a self service member portal greatly reduces the resources required in entering data, checking data is up to date and dealing with basic member requests for information such as an invoicing etc. This in turn allows you to focus your staff's attention on increasing the service and value offered to your members, resulting in improved engagement and increased retention, not to mention a great 'sales pitch' to bring on new members!

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