3 Reasons Why your Association or NFP Needs a CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is all about managing your association or Not-for-Profit interactions with current and future customers. Member Evolution's CRM allows these interactions with the system being able to capture, interact with and report on contextual business data in a simpler, more intuitive and nuanced manner than ever before.

A CRM differs from a Content Management System (CMS) as this is a computer program that allows publishing, editing and modifying of content. A CRM offers organisations a more advanced system than your typical CMS website can offer.

The CRM solution employs a single web-based membership management system that performs all of your day to day tasks within the one place, as a complete end-to-end solution.

1. Application Integrations

The end-to-end solution means that all business information and data from all modules across the organisation are stored within the same centralised database. Each piece of information is entered only once within the database which is automatically updated in real time across all parts of the organisation.

Key benefits provided by the application integration:

  1. eliminates time previously spent re-entering data
  2. removes duplicates and improves accuracy of information, and
  3. helps staff meet member requirements faster and more accurately

The end-to-end solution manages electronic records such as memberships, events and conference registrations, invoices and other electronic forms. The benefits of the integrated application is that it saves the organisation time and money by giving staff the ability to efficiently search and retrieve documents saved electronically.

2. Real Time Reporting and Analytics

Traditional CMS websites and isolated solutions, managers or executives wishing to analyse data would need to search through multiple databases and modules and then import that data into a spreadsheet for examination. However, this can be extremely time consuming and cannot provide real-time data trends analysis.

The Member Evolution CRM solution provides a sophisticated data "snapshot" which is a graphical interface that presents key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing staff and management to quickly and easily access and identify important events that require immediate attention. The drill down 'data mining' capabilities enable managers and executives to quickly see transaction details, allowing for the identification of trends or the root cause of exceptions, enabling more proactive business decisions.

3. Drupal - Flexibility and Scalability

Drupal is used by Member Evolution to provide the end-to-end solution which gives organisations the flexibility to adapt the system to meet their exact requirements. The Drupal cloud software is a standards-based architecture that can support multiple databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Being built using Drupal, the Member Evolution solution capitalises on a proven system which can be scaled to meet existing and future requirements. As a result our architecture is faster, more efficient, and more scalable than competing solutions ensuring your needs are met both today and into the future.

The flexibility and scalability of Drupal makes it cost effective for organisations to deploy within their existing environments or modify their environments without extensive changes or customisations, thus improving efficiency.

Drupal Highlights:

  • 71 of the top 100 global universities use Drupal including Harvard, Oxford, Australian National University, Yale and Brown
  • Government departments that use Drupal include The Whitehouse, Australian Prime Minister, Australian Crime Commission (ACC)
  • Not-For-Profit organisations that use Drupal: Greenpeace UK, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, United Nations, Oxfam International
  • High tech companies that use Drupal: AOL, Sanyo Australia, Dell, Nokia, Yahoo!, PlayStation, Sony Ericsson

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