4 Growth Strategies to Improve your Association or NFP Organisation

It is important to cover a range of strategies to improve your association's growth and member retention rate, and I have developed a range of successful strategies that can be implemented into your association environment.

Communicating with your members effectively through a number of different avenues will increase you retention rates, and giving members the opportunity to engage with fellow members provides opportunities for further development.

Sent Relevant Communications

It is important to deliver personalised communications to members including information relevant to them personally - not just general information which does not offer them any strategic value. We all receive far too many emails so making all correspondence as relevant as possible is essential.

Always allow members the option to opt-out of all or some correspondence types and the choice of how often they receive emails from you.

Use Public Relations

Publications are constantly on the lookout for good stories, so developing a rapport with journalists within your area or with a focus on your industry segment is important. The vast majority of NFPs have good stories to tell and PR is free.

Where possible involve these journalists within your community, offering them free opportunities to attend events and meet with your members.

Encourage Member Collaboration

Provide opportunities for your members to ask questions, share ideas, and offer support to their fellow members. This develops a feeling of community and creates a personal bond that improves membership rates.

Use Social Media

Social media provides a mechanism to identify and target potential members by promoting your value proposition when answering relevant questions or posting articles. By having your organisation involved in relevant groups you can remain relevant and stay on top of the industry topics and trends.

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