Automated Events and Conference Software - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 2

Member Evolution's software solution provides associations with the latest cutting edge membership technology. The automated events and conference section is only one part of many functions the software offers.

Part 1 of the automated events and conference process addressed the effortless event creation procedure for staff, highlighting the additional information staff members can utilise to their advantage.

Part 2 will address the pre-event software functions that enable staff to ensure an event is on track, while the post-event function allows staff to evaluate an event and allocate recourses to be semi-automatically distributed to participating members.

Pre-event Information for Staff

Staff members have the ability to successfully oversee an event, making sure that everything is in place and ready.

The pre-event procedures help staff to put the final pieces together, where they have the knowledge and expertise to then implement the data.

The following list displays the pre-event benefits the software enables staff to perform:

  • view recent event registrations
  • view attendee list
  • create guest list
  • create labels based on the attendee list
  • view payment status - payment received, pending, completed or failed
  • member meal choices
  • how many members will be attending each session

Post-event Evolution and Effective Allocation of Resources

The post-event software system features many useful tools that permit staff to evaluate the event effortlessly. Staff are able to view which members attended the event, and which sessions. This allows staff to simply go through the system and allocate information accordingly.  

Continuing professional development (CPD) points are automatically allocated to the attendees' CPD diary. Staff don't have to sit and waste time going through the list of all the attendees manually, then go to their files and add the allocated points. The system does all this semi-automatically.

Members are also allocated relevant resources information from the workshops they attended throughout the event. This information will then automatically appear in each member's portal under ‘resources’, where members have access to this information.

The time savings staff receive from the automated events software allows them to focus and spend their valuable time on other important association tasks.