Benefits of Automated CPD Software for Associations and NFPs

Continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) should be part of your association's culture. Each industry has their own standards and requirements along with the number of CPD points members are required to obtain every year for them to stay up to date with the latest knowledge, standards, requirements and more.

CPD and CPE events and workshops should be incorporated into your events calendar so members are able to continue improving their knowledge on the changing needs and expectations within their industry. Each association should outline to their members their CPD objectives and points guide.

Allocation of points

CPD events consist of a number of industry speakers who present information on a wide range of topics. The topics can include anything from new code requirements to industry specific knowledge. Once a member has bought a CPD event ticket online and after they have attended the event, the CPD point will then be automatically allocated.

The Member Evolution CPD software allows points to be automatically distributed to members allowing the CPD points to appear in their individual CPD diary, all within the member portal. Members are also able to update their points manually as required. The great part about the Member Portal is that members are able to easily view their CPD diary at any point giving them an up to date accurate calculation.

Easy CPD event creation

The Member Evolution membership management software allows for easy CPD event creation. Staff can create an event from scratch or clone a previous event and make the necessary changes. Creating a CPD event is easy: all staff need to do is put the CPD point value in and save.

Members can then view all their upcoming events and filter CPD events to determine which event they would like to attend with the amount of CPD points available for any workshop, seminar or conference. Staff's time and resources are saved with the automatic allocation of CPD software incorporated into your membership managed system.

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