Benefits of Automated Online Membership Renewal for Organisations

In this week's blog we will discuss how ever-changing technologies and innovative solutions can help membership-based organisations, companies and Non-for-Profits streamline their membership renewals. Not only can membership renewals be time-consuming for the staff of such organisations, they can be confusing for the members themselves.

Manual Renewals

As many member-based organisations may be aware, a lot of time and effort goes into manual renewals of memberships. Some of the steps may include:
  • searching through lists to find out whose membership is about to expire
  • ensuring all contact information is up-to-date
  • sending forms to expiring members
  • contacting the member to make sure they received their renewal forms
  • sorting through returned forms to find out who has renewed and who has cancelled their membership
  • processing membership payments manually
  • manually entering and sending paid invoices

It seems like a whole lot of work for something that can be streamlined by having the right software and processes in place. Not only can manual renewals be time-consuming they can be costly, both in time and wages. It can also significantly lower the overall membership renewal rate.

Automated Renewals

In stark contrast to manual renewals, automated renewals can be extremely cost and time effective. To really appreciate the benefits, you need to take an in-depth look at some of the main features available to member organisations. Some of these features are as follows:

Automate time consuming repetitive tasks

An automated membership renewal system can cut time-consuming tasks to a minimum, such as searching member lists, manually sending out renewal forms and manual payments. Some of the key benefits are:

  • The system will automatically identify expiring memberships; this saves time and money by having the software automatically identify anyone whose membership is up for renewal and sends a reminder.
  • Send out membership renewal forms automatically via email. Membership renewals can be automatically sent by the system to allow members to renew quickly and easily.
  • Easy membership payment - reduces time and debt chasing when users can easily pay online.

Member Self Service 24/7

24/7 member self service allows members to access their information, membership details, member content and FAQ's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter where they are. This means that if a member is in a different time zone they are not stuck without access to important information or similar. Other benefits include:

  • Change of address, phone or any other personal details. Manual renewal can mean having to telephone, write to or email the association/business to change any personal details. 24/7 access allows a member to change this information with ease at any time.
  • Worldwide access - self service to a website also means that a member can access the site and information from wherever they choose, reducing the chance they might have to make an expensive phone call to the organisation/business.
  • Allow members to access and reprint their own transaction invoices saving your administrators time and providing a timely service.
  • Members can access events information and resources for tickets they have purchased.


Automated reminders save time on having to individually look up each member to see if their membership is about to expire and the chance they may miss their renewal deadline. If a member is missed, their membership may lapse and they might not have access to important information. Other benefits include:

  • Avoid membership cancellation - the likelihood is, if a member is not reminded that their membership is about to expire, it may be cancelled. Automatic reminders almost eliminate the worry of membership cancellation.
  • Automated reminders can help keep membership subscription and increase renewals - this can increase the profit from membership and member retention, whilst saving on staff cost and time in sending out manual reminders.

These aren't the only benefits of automated membership renewal that member solutions offer. For more information on the benefits from solutions such as Member Evolution please visit the Benefits page.