Blog Archive for June 2013

Get your Association to Rank Higher on Google by Using the Correct Website Content

For associations and Not-For-Profit organisations gaining leads and new members is vital for growth and sustainability, but how is anyone going to find your association if you're not ranking on Google?

Simply having a website with content you think is good is not enough; you need to rank higher on Google so more people will have the chance to click on your website. There are no secrets: find out how you can turn your website around today and bring in new members and businesses.

Top Tips on Visual Branding For your NFP

There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding on your association or Not-For-Profit's visual branding message and some of these may include design, location and future growth.

This feature will be on Member Evolution's recent office move where our new location has based us in Brisbane's Technology Park in Eight Mile Plains. The strategic move has placed the team within the technology hub, with easy access to excellent facilities and conference areas.

Growth Strategies for your Association or Not-For-Profit: Part 3

There are a wide range of different approaches and strategies that can be used to grow your association or Not-For-Profit organisation. Your main focus is attracting and retaining new and existing members as they are your prime sources of income.

It is important to utilise all of your resources and pursue every avenue available for the growth, benefit and knowledge of your association.

How Associations can Benefit from using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is becoming more popular for those searching the web for full texts of scholarly literature across a variety of publishing formats, from books, to research articles to theses and other abstracts.

It includes a variety of academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories and universities, as well as scholarly articles available across the web. However, be aware that some links you are taken to ask for payment to view the full text.

Optimisation Tools for your Association or Not-For-Profit Organisation: Part:4

In part 4 of utilising search engine optimisation (SEO) for associations and Not-For-Profit organisations, we will be looking at meta data and how to best use that website page function on your association website. How to name your images and file uploads to get the best possible optimisation will be explored as well as tips on how to link internally within your site and the benefit of using <alt> tag images.