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Mike Whitehouse - CEO
Can you accurately measure Member Engagement?
Do not worry - nobody can. But today’s leading integrated membership management solutions can capture and report on hundreds of attributes about members and their interactions with your association.
Our goal is to help our clients better understand positive and negative indicators of member engagement – and plan to take appropriate strategic and tactical actions based on the Survey information collected.  
Our plan it to collect input from our clients – as well as associations and NFPs we don’t (yet) work with – to understand the indicators of member engagement that are considered important by a range of associations. With this information, we’ll be able to create unique reporting and data analysis tools that associations can use to efficiently and effectively extract from their operational data and assess (in real time) a variety of meaningful measurements of member and non-member engagement for them.  
What’s in it for you?
In exchange for your input to our survey (max 10-15 minutes), we will provide you with a FREE copy of our findings, and you will also have a chance to win either 1 of 3 bottles of French champagne or 1 of 3 portable chargers.  Also, once the results are compiled, our independent industry expert will be happy to discuss with you the results and how they might be applied in your association in further detail. 
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Your Choice of Prizes to be WON (Inc. FREE copy of our findings) 
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 Independent Industry Expertise 

Alan Kramer

To ensure this analysis includes a broad range of association input, and is independent of a single vendor, we have engaged an Association and NFP industry expert Alan Kramer (former CIO of PwC Global Tax), who now provides strategic advice to a range of associations. Alan has developed the survey and will lead the analysis with processing and analysing the data as well as the final evaluation and report.
Completing the Survey
The survey has a list of potential indicators for measuring member engagement.  Please consider each indicator, and FOR YOUR ASSOCIATION, select the response that indicates how important it is or could be (if you could obtain the data) in measuring member engagement.
Finally, if there are indicators you think we’ve missed, please add those and also indicate how important they are for you.  And if you have experience with ANOTHER ASSOCIATION that uses other indicators that would be quite important to them, please add these to the list at the end as well. 
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 *Survey takes approximately 15 minutes.