The Core Components of CRM: Integrated Multichannel Strategy

Mike Whitehouse - Member Evolution Executive Director

For an organisation to successfully use a CRM membership solution they need to interact with it in multiple ways within an association. An effective way is not to use only one channel but many. Traditional techniques saw organisations using primarily only one main channel to communicate to their members or sponsors. Now new technologies and market forces are dramatically changing traditional channel structures.

Variety of User Purposes

Staff, board members, future sponsors and members all need to have access to a range of information they require at their fingertips. If it’s an association staff member, they want to know how many people are attending an event, who has recently purchased a membership needing approval and many more day to day business requirements. Board members want to be able to view on the website when their next meeting is and what needs to be resolved from previous meetings. Sponsors what to know what the benefits are of becoming a sponsor, and members want to be able to see their activities in their member portal, view cdp points, register for events and read news stories of their interests.

One Integrated CRM Solution

Each individual person associated with an organisation needs to be able to use your facilities, meeting their exact needs. This is where an integrated multichannel CRM system comes into play. A CRM has the capability to perform each of these tasks as well as many more, with an integrated front end website for web users and a sophisticated backend CRM for staff and CEOs. Through combining and integrating the two you get a responsive and dynamic complete online membership software solution. Associations need a clearly stated, integrated, multichannel strategy that satisfies the following requirements:

  • aligns the right products to the right channels
  • balances customer needs and channel costs
  • enhances the customer experience

Enhance the Customer Experience for Members with Membership Software.