Don’t Leave your Members Behind – Go Digital and Embrace Technology

Lynne Newbury

Gone are the days of associations communicating to their members via direct mail, as marketing dollars are being moved towards digital campaigns in a big way. This is where associations need to keep up with the changes and embrace the shift towards a more technology driven environment.

There are so many positive aspects to look at with the shift towards digital marketing, with tracking and reporting done almost automatically, and managers able to easily know exactly what return they are getting on their marketing efforts.

No More Direct Mail

The Not-For-Profit industry is one of the very few that still relies on direct mail as a major marketing channel. Direct mail marketing is definitely on the way out and digital marketing is very much on the rise. Statistics show that 67% of marketing managers highlighted that a priority for 2014 was to increase sales from digital marketing campaigns. This means that more money is being put towards a digital future and fading away from more traditional marketing techniques.

Automated Cloud Based Reporting

There is no wonder the shift towards digital marketing is happening with automatic reporting available. Member Evolution's Cloud Based Membership Mangement allows numerous marketing reports to be automatically generated. Results and findings are all displayed in a simple manner making it easy for managers and staff to see the results in numbers and percentages. The membership system integrates the member database software and allows results to be displayed in colourful easy to read graphs, tables and even downloaded and exported via a csv file. Most of the reports show up at a click of a button and the csv file can be easily downloaded.

Create Dynamic eNewsletter Lists

eNewsletter marketing is definitely on the rise and many associations are taking advantage of this online marketing channel. Now with the use of technology, dynamic newsletter lists can be easily created making your marketing communications targeted. This can become a very effective way of delivering specific information to a targeted group. eNewsletters are also a great way to engage members and web users by encouraging further interaction and engagement by using the links to expand on the information you provide.

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