Drivers Enabling Organisational Change

Lynne Newbury - Online Marketing Manager

One of the major challenges associations face is organisational change and knowing how to manage staff efficiently during a major transition. Enabling “forgotten” staff to be leaders is one of the steps that allows leadership from the back office.

Leadership is all about maximising the efforts of others towards a common goal, which is where the idea of encouraging leadership from the back office was established.

Why you need back office contribution

Positive change in an organisation requires the whole team to be on board, to have confidence in the organisation's progression. This is why it’s so powerful to have the back office leaders involved, where they can assure not only compliance but also the power to enhance performance. These staff members are naturally positioned to be catalysts for change, to lead by example and be critical contributors in the organisational debate. The back office leaders have the opportunity to use the power to make their organisation a centre for excellence.

Main Drivers enabling organisational change through the back office:

1.    Mutual common goal

A preferred outcome when considering leadership is central to the direction in which the organisation is moving. To have back office staff as leaders requires a common goal and something shared; you also want everyone to eventually achieve the benefits.

2.    Different perspective

Employees working in the back office have a different perspective to others working within the organisation. The organisation looks much different from the back of the office compared to how those working in operations see it, however, with the correct tools the back office can come out on top.

3.    Business intelligence

The history lies within the back office and this is where the information and data is kept, where past and present results can be compared and reports generated to help shape the future. Finance managers are focused on achieving common goals and have a vast amount of important data at their fingertips. The back office workers have the knowledge and potential to change the organisation for the better. Championing the back office will create a better organisation and therefore a stronger NFP sector.

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