FMA Launches ME Membership Management Software Solution

Lynne Newbury - Project Manager

Congratulations toThe Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) on launching their new association membership management software solution. The Facility Management Association is the peak national industry body for facilities management which represents and supports professionals and organisations responsible for the operational management of Australia's built environment.

FMA was established in 1988 and now has branches in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania Victoria and Western Australia. 

FMA's main focus is to ensure the needs of professionals and organisations working in and dealing with facilities management are understood and considered in government and business policy formulation and decision making.. Read More about FMA Here

What FMA Required in their Association Membership Management Solution

The Facility Management is in a forward thinking industry and FMA needed to upgrade their website and membership software in order to stay relevant. They needed a system that was innovative and forward thinking to cater for their growing association, they also wanted increased management, reporting and communication across the entire organisation that allowed time savings and reduced repetitive tasks by automation. 

Why Member Evolution's Complete Online Membership Software was the Correct Fit

The ME membership software is built using a single source of code which means there is no third party systems used for mail, events, learning and more which allows the CRM to talk to all of the systems leading to greater business intelligence reporting, engagement, communications and management. The software allows 360 degree reporting across the organisation. ME delivered a feature rich solution using the one centralised CRM. A visually appealing design was agreed upon as well as a refresh of the logo.  

Unique Features

- Vendor Directory: that shows different levels of vendors.

- Dynamic Speakers Corner: that can be easily linked to other section of the website.

Check out the Designs Below for the Before and After Or Visit the Site Here. 

FMA Old site


FMA Screenshot


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