How to Send Targeted Newsletters Increasing Member Engagement

Newsletters are a popular way to communicate with your members, but there is a right and wrong way!
The challenge many associations are faced with is providing news that keeps all members interested and engaged. Sure there will always be General Industry News but more often than not you might have news that is relevant only to a small percentage of your audience. You’ll want to send it teveryone? If you do that you risk sending too much information that most won’t read and you’ll run the risk of boring your audience and ultimately becoming irrelevant. So what’s the answer? 
How to Segment your Members?
Interest groups allow you to track where members’ real interests lie. Once you know this you can send information that is specific to their needs and avoid information overload. The more targeted your Newsletter the greater the open rate, and your members will love you more for sending relevant content every time. The great part about interest groups it that members have the freedom to pick and choose which group they belong to any time, through easily being able to subscribe and unsubscribe at a press of a button.  
Save Time & Money 
The Member Evolution CRM integrated email system allows your association to create powerful targeted mailing lists based on the information captured in its CRM including; Interest Group subscription, event attendance, membership type and more. It saves administration time by automatically updating the list when new members join and automates the sending of emails and Newsletters to these targeted lists. A great feature is that members can actually decide how often they wish to receive news and updates via ‘communication preferences’ found in their member portal, and the CRM will ensure that email newsletters are then sent with the information they want and when they want it!