How to Take the First Steps towards Next-Level Software for your Association

Mike Whitehouse - Member Evolution Executive Director

Making the decision to upgrade your system is the first step and acknowledges that there are new technologies available that will enable your association to function more efficiently. Hundreds of associations are in the same boat and each want the right solution for their needs. Arming yourself with the right information can get you started on the right foot and you’ll be on your way to a successful software upgrade.

Identify Key Areas that Need Improvement

Analysing what is currently lacking in your existing system is a good place to start - these could be anything from the most time consuming and resource-intense tasks for staff or the things that cause them the most headaches. Invoicing runs, membership, events, member retention and reporting are some of the main pain points for associations. This list can then be broken down into mandatory and nice-to-have feature sections.

This will give you a basis to start your research and highlighting what you require the software to do.

Features of the Member Evolution Member Management Software include:

·           Automated renewal reminder

·           CPD tracking

·           CPD Diary

·           Committees

·           Community answers

·           Dynamic list generator

·           Easy event creation

·           eNewsletter marketing

·           Member awards

·           Member community

·           Member directory

·           Member resources

·           Online purchasing and management

·           Recurring membership plans

·           Special interest groups

·           Xero accounting integration


Consider a Budget

It is crucial to consider what type of budget you are looking at as this can determine the solution. Obviously the bigger your budget the more you get for your money. Other considerations include: whether any additional hardware is required; what the process is for data conversion and what ongoing support and maintenance is offered by the software provider.

Analysis Different Systems

Based on your specific requirements and budget you should then be able to narrow down your options and identify a few key systems that might be primary candidates. An in-depth free demonstration of the systems you have in mind is the next step to identify whether the system can support your needs. If there are any new custom features you require, make sure they are able to build them and really tailor the solution to your business processes.

Handy Tips

·           Make sure you choose a vendor who provides adequate training and support.

·           No system is a perfect match, however, it should meet at least 80% of your business needs.

·           Look for a solution developed within Australia to ensure all statutory requirements are met.

·           It’s better to buy a bigger system that you can grow into than a smaller system that will need upgrading in the future. Even better, buy a system that is flexible enough to grow with the organisation.

·           Do not underestimate the task – a lot of planning and preparation is required.


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