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Need to Increase Advocacy Within Your Association?

Advocacy is an integral part of running an Association because you act as the overall voice of the specific industry you represent. There are many different marketing channels that act as an effective way of showing your members that you are doing all you can to voice their concerns and improve their chosen industries.

As a stronger Association with more members, you can achieve better outcomes as you are a stronger and more powerful voice. In most cases an Association is also responsible for advocating for the profession at many levels including Government, private and in the not for profit sector through submissions, position papers and statements, campaigns and consultations.

By communicating a campaign through social media and online marketing, members can see the work being undertaken and the outcomes achieved which provides a more consultative method of communication to your members.

Improve Advocacy In Your Association

Our Advocacy Campaign can help you achieve the following:

  • Online PR
  • Become An Industry Thought Leader
  • Reputation Management
By promoting your Association and providing useful industry insight you inadvertently increase your reputation and pulling power when advocating on behalf of your members. By being a voice in the industry this also demonstrates to members what you are doing for them, which in turn, increases member engagement, member acquisition, brand awareness and an increased reputation.

Achieve a Great Advocacy Outcome

The following campaign elements can be introduced to create an efective Advocacy Campaign:
Note:  If these packages do not suit your needs, marketing services can be billed on an "as used" hourly basis.

Find Out How To Increase Advocacy In Your Association

Member Evolution understands the Association marketplace and has a proven success rate with marketing for Associations. We would be happy to assist you with your Advocacy Marketing Campaign.

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