Marketing - Go Live

Association Marketing - Go Live

Once you have made the decision to launch a new member solution, it is critical to maximise the impact of your launch and to communicate the goals of the new initiative and any benefits your Members will receive as a result. This is especially the case when launching a new Member Management System such as Member Evolution. Prior to ‘Go Live’ is a good time to cleanse your database and identify exactly which user segments or groups you wish to communicate your campaign message/s.

There are two important stages during a Go Live Campaign Period. They are Pre Go Live and Post Go Live.

Pre ‘Go Live’ Campaign Marketing

Before going live with a new solution it is important to gather vital information on your current audience to allow you to better target that audience with information that is specifically relevant to them. To enable this, prior to Go Live we can deploy code on your site to track your current website users and find out some critical information such as:
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age Range
  • Website Interactions and Interests
For the best results we recommend deploying an 8 week database gathering exercise to enable us to build a marketing list that can be used for a number of post go live campaigns as listed below. Database gathering can be maintained for the life of the system but is able to be gradually refined to track user interests and interactions which allows the refinement of communication channels and processes to better target your audience.

Post ‘Go Live’ Campaign Marketing

As mentioned above, the pre go live campaign allows us to gather the data required to initiate your complete marketing campaign directly after Go Live. This data can then be used to commence the process of increasing member retention and acquisition by specifically targeting and segmenting your audience. For example, this data can be used to inform current Members of any new benefits or changes that are taking place within your Association, or other special interest areas or industry news, etc
We can also target people that have previously shown interest in your Association when they have been looking to sign up and then have left your website without converting through the sign up process.
By informing future members that you are improving the way members interact with you, and by deploying the Member Evolution solution to assist in this process, you can increase the sign up rate within the first few months of Go Live by using tools such as: 
Note:  If these packages do not suit your needs, marketing services can be billed on an "as used" hourly basis.

Find Out How To Target Your Go Live Strategy Better

Member Evolution understands the Association marketplace and has a proven success rate with marketing for Associations. We would be happy to assist you in the Go Live Process by firstly gathering your website data and then specifically targeting your audience with relevant information post go live.

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