Marketing - Member Engagement

Need to Increase Member Engagement Within Your Association?

Engaging members can be a major challenge for some Associations, yet for organisations such as associations and user groups, member engagement drives the core objectives of that Association. 
By consistently keeping members engaged, you will not only attract and keep your members but you will also create:
  • the capacity to organically attract new members through member referrals
  • the leverage to drive legislative wins
  • the ability to promote your advocacy agenda
  • increased event and conference attendance
  • increased revenue streams in education and training
  • other forms of revenue such as partnering, advertising, jobs portals, etc
Our marketing campaigns can take the stress out of trying to market to a large group of people at once by segmenting and then targeting a specific set of members within your database.
Despite it’s importance, member engagement is a fairly elusive concept and many Associations struggle with the concept. It has become more of a focus over the past few decades and, unlike more traditional disciplines like marketing and finance, you can’t go to school and major in it. Part of the reason that member engagement is such a big challenge is that there isn’t a clear-cut process.

So How Do We Increase Member Engagement?

Member Evolution has the following communication tools that can help when engaging specific members:
  • CRM Data Mining
  • Database Collection and Marketing
  • Data Analysis
By usng the above tools we can implement campaign elements that can effectively engage your members and lead to better Member Engagement and ultimately increased Member Retention Rates.

How To Achieve a Great Member Engagement Outcome

The following campaign elements can be introduced to produce an effective Member Engagement Campaign:
Note:  If these packages do not suit your needs, marketing services can be billed on an "as used" hourly basis.

Find Out How To Increase Member Engagement In Your Association

Member Evolution understands the Association marketplace and has a proven success rate with marketing for Associations. We would be happy to assist you with your Member Engagement Campaigns.
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