Marketing - Member Retention

Need to Retain Your Association Members?

Retaining members is an important part of running any Association and members want to ensure that they are receiving value for money. By retaining members it can allow you to do more for your chosen industry or community, which in turn, provides value to the community as a whole. When trying to retain members, it is important to not only show members what you have done for them, but to also show them what you will be doing in the future as well as well as keeping them up to date with industry news, providing industry specific information, latest products, resources, advice and training, etc

Improve Communication With Your Members

Marketing to a database through means of newsletters allows you to communicate all of the good work your Association is doing for its members as well as any future initiatives. Our Member Retention Campaign can include email blasts and advertising that can involve communicating the following:
  • What is happening in the next year 
  • What was achieved this year (for example members downloaded 22,000 resources, 2000 members attended your industry conference, and the like...)
  • What is happening in your industry / information updates / conferences
  • Updated policies or standards for your industry
  • Coupons for next year e.g 10% off fees or shop products
  • Association news which is specific to each Association across varying industries, and more....

Achieve a Higher Member Retention Rate

Being able to achieve a higher Member Retention Rate can be achieved by implementing the following campaign elements:
Note:  If these packages do not suit your needs, marketing services can be billed on an "as used" hourly basis.

Find Out How To Increase Your Member Retention Rate

Member Evolution understands the Association marketplace and has a proven success rate with marketing for Associations. We would be happy to assist you in increasing your members and ensuring that you retain the members that you currently have.

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