Membership Software Tailored to your Association and NFP

Catherine Lever - Marketing and Communications Member Evolution

Having the right membership software fit for your organisation should benefit your overall organisation, and there are a number of factors that contribute to the success of a membership software solution.

What do you want to achieve from your Association Software Solution? 

  • To improve your associations efficiency by reducing duplicates of data and double data entry? 
  • Move to a cloud solution software as a service (SaaS) to allow staff access to the site 24/7?  
  • Be able to content manage your website via a content management system?
  • Have access to the entire business and financial reporting at a click of a button? 
  • Send targeted newsletters to a selected group or event attendee list? 
  • Automate the renewal process and other administration repetitive tasks? 
  • Manage the entire association from the one central CRM location including; events, news, resources, newsletters reporting and more?  
  • Improve member engagement and retention rates?
  • Increase revenue; through alternate advertising avenues, supplier logo placements, directories and more?  
  • Online payment gateways?  
  • Improve management of events and conference as well as streamline sign up processes? 
  • Enhance the online education and learning management? 

These are just a handful of questions you should be asking in the step to determine what you want to achieve from a membership software solution. If a solution can do some of the things your after but not all It may be worth looking for a system that can deliver as close as possible to your needs. 

Can the implementation of a new membership management system save time and money? 

Absolutely, for the long term investment there should certainly be a time and money saving. The system should automate your administration processes by removing double data entry and repetitive data entry. More accurate and automated reporting will also impact on the future and current planning influencing on the time and money saving for improved reporting.  

All of the questioned asked above should either same time or money as well as creating greater revenue streams, improved reporting, communications and the overall management. 

Organisations turning to cloud can expect a cost reduction of up to 20%.