Multi-Price Points

Are your members receiving discounts to events, resources and more?

Associations often forget to reward their members with discounted rates. Members are your prime assets and it’s important to keep them happy along with giving them value for money. The Member Evolution membership management solution offers multiple price points for events, resources products and more. Staff are also able to set events for members only and members can only buy ‘members tickets’ creating increased revenue.

The purpose of setting multi-price points on purchasable products is so users with a non-member price are shown a larger amount compared to members, which then encourages them to sign up to become members to receive a discounted rate. When both members and users buy a product they are then shown to the checkout where a variety of related products are shown which can be additionally purchased at multi-price points. 

The multi-price point system deployed with our membership website provides value to members that receive a discount with their membership. Another benefit for non-members is that it allows them to attend an event without having to purchase a membership, they just pay a higher rate than members.

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