A New Marketing Tool from the Guys Over at Google!

Mike Whitehouse- Member Evolution Executive Director

Google has just launched 'Google Think Insights' which is basically a tool for marketers but upon further inspection, offers so much more. Have a look for yourself at www.google.com/think and you will soon see that it offers a massive range of topics, articles, info graphics, webinars and even has an NFP industry segment that can be filtered.

This new tool from Google provides a wealth of information in one central place that is easy to use and simple to understand with the added ability to filter by industry, region, audience and even type!

Taking a look from the top down, there is a massive amount of information here and just a few useful ones I have found include:

1.    Navigate over to 'Products and Tools' and click on 'Planning Tools'. Here you are presented with a list of tools spanning a wide variety of topics including 'Real time insight finder' which allows you to interact with a wheel that gives you options like 'What are people looking for' and 'How are people searching' click on these and uncover in depth information on consumer habits - very cool!




2.    Try 'Go to meter' which shows you how your website looks on a mobile device and also allows you to research facts and figures for a mobile device's uptake and much more.

3.    'Marketing Objectives' offers some useful insights and articles covering a wide variety of marketing including 'Grow Loyalty and Retention', a topic close to all NFPs and associations. You can even filter your results to suit you.







It's early days but this has all the makings of a great resource for marketers in all industries but for the NFP sector it provides some good relational information and access to a massive range of facts, articles and insights for your industry, not forgetting some very useful tools and links to other Google products that you may not be aware of!