NFP Statistics for Online Giving

Lynne Newbury

It is no surprise that consumers are turning more and more to the digital space for everyday needs, and online giving is no different. The percentage of online giving has increased and will only escalate over the coming years as new and already established donors turn to the convenience and accessibility of the internet.

Not-For-Profit organisation websites are now rolling out mobile websites which will take donating a step further into the digital space.

Marketing Opportunity

The State of Online Giving has created an inforgraphic highlighting how online giving has increased and the trends seen with the demographics of donors. 7% of people are now giving online which is only a small representation of the total number of people giving, but as trends show this number will only increase. Statistics also indicate that the online donation rate of users is set to remain as buyers find a more convenient form of donating via the web.

This new growth in the online space opens new marketing opportunities for the Not-For-Profit industry. These NFP organisations can now focus on specific areas of advertising such as facebook and Youtube. Youtube offers enhanced tools for Not-For-Profits with donation buttons and calls to action. Facebook and Twitter are other social media avenues where your industry can generate traffic.

Mobile Access

The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) recently launched a mobile charities database allowing donors easy access to over 57,500 organisations information. The new version of the ACNC register enables registered charities to send in information about their charities, and the information is then displayed for users to view and interact with.

Positive feedback has been given about the new system as it now allows increased transparency and access to the most current and up to date information on Australian charities. The register and information provided in it comes from a dedicated and trusted source. This then gives the trust back to the people who wish to donate as they know it is a reliable source. The register gives a clear message and image about each charity so people know exactly where there money will be going and what cause they will be helping.