Online Member Associations Events Systems - How Members can Benefit

The majority of associations will hold events, seminars and workshops for members on a regular basis. The invitations to such events may be sent to members in various different ways including emails, newsletters or even by snail mail. With an online all-in-one event system, associations can easily invite and interact with members regarding upcoming events, allowing members instant access.

Members can have full access to view, register and purchase events, seminars, workshops and conferences all in the one convenient location, saving members valuable time. The ‘Member Portal’ offers members a more personal record of which events the individual is wanting to attend or purchased resources. Members also have the ability to plan ahead and view all their upcoming events which are conveniently located in the one area under ‘My Events’.

Overview of Events System

  • enables members to plan and coordinate training sessions, workshops, social functions or other event types
  • allows members to book with member pricing - with discounts for special members e.g life members
  • event resources are available for members to view, for example - parking, hotels, guest speakers and more
  • automatic allocation of CPD points from events

Accessing Events through the Member Portal

The ‘Member Portal’ is where all the personal information of the member is kept. Here the member is able to view past events attended, purchased resources, upcoming events and more. The primary function of the member portal is to tailor the wants and needs around each individual.

In the Member Portal members are kept up-to-date with the latest news or upcoming events that might interest them and will appear in their news feed. Members have two choices in the news feed:
1. relevance to me
2. latest

This saves time for members as they don’t waste time searching through the feed trying to find what they are looking for.

Event CPD Point Allocation

Continuing professional development (CPD) is common in most professions, and is needed to maintain knowledge, skills and practical experience. It is vital for professionals specifically (such as accountants) to keep up-to-date with CPD in order to continue practicing.

CPD points are allocated accordingly when the professional has attended an event, workshop, conference or seminar. The perks of becoming a member is that CPD points are automatically updated to members' diaries under the ‘Member Portal’ via the events system and is in a section purely assigned to ‘CDP Diary’. Once members have attended the CPD event, the points will be automatically updated in this diary. This saves members time and confusion in having the events system automatically assign the CPD points.

Members are able to view their CPD diary quickly and easily, keeping them up-to-date with their current points, leaving the stress and hassle behind.

Member Discounts for Events

Members are able to get full access to earlybird discounted prices on events, seminars and workshops. The process is as follows:

1. There will be a date that members will need to sign up before to receive that discount.

2. Once signed up to become a member, most events offer additional discounted prices for already established members, such as free attendance for fellows and life members.

3.When viewing an event the bonus is that there are a number of different resources available. These include things like parking options, additional documents, brochures and flyers that members can read beforehand. Hotels, accommodation and transport are other resources that can be used for the pure benefit of the member.
4. Merchandise can be pre-purchased when buying the ticket and be picked up at the event.

Events Registration

The online events registration process is stress-free and offers members a variety of benefits. Members are able to register themselves, another person, organise a group booking or book a table, allowing members to be seated with associates and/or business partners.

The registration process follows 6 simple steps:

1. Select event type
2. Add item to cart
3. Enter contact details (either for themselves or others attending)
4. Enter billing address
5. Select payment type
6. Submit registration
The online registration process saves valuable time and confusion allowing members to know exactly what they are paying for. There is added value with members being able to view other attendees who will be present at the event. The event will also highlight how many CPD points will be allocated to the member or members attending.

Events are held on a regular basis and with the online all-in-one event system, members are able to view upcoming events, register, receive discounts and have CPD points automatically updated. The all-in-one events system is the solution for saving time as well as making it convenient for members having all the information in the one place.