Online Resources

Having trouble locking resources to member only or public views?

Many associations offer all of their resources for every visitor to their site to view and read, and some lock all of their content so only members can view it. Getting the balance right is crucial and can lead to greater membership sign ups if you get the balance correct. The Member Evolution online membership management system offers a multiple selection of resources including, public, private or premium format. The resources can then be made available depending on the membership type a member holds.

Online resources are a great way for members and the public to gain insight into your association as well gaining a range of valuable information that is readily available. Having certain resources locked for members only allows visitors to your website a short introduction with showing them a sign up now call to action if they wish to read the article further. This is a great way to encourage new people to sign up to your association as they already now expect a certain amount of quality information.     

Our association management solution allows 24/7 member access to the resources that matter to them most. Members don’t need to waste any time in requesting a certain document they wish to read and waiting to hear back from them. Everything is readily available to them at a click of a button. Members are provided with the information they desire and when they need it most.  

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