Online Ticket Purchasing & Event Management

Need to upgrade your system to perform online ticket purchasing?

If your association doesn’t allow online ticket purchasing then it may be time to upgrade your system. In todays day and age it vital for association to keep up with the latest efficient business processes to see your association succeed. Performing ticket purchases online aids in efficiency and saves your staff time. The Member Evolution member management technology enables members, staff and users to purchase tickets online.

The complete online membership software allows staff to set seating limits, closing dates and registrations on any event to avoid disappointed customers and overselling. Last minute purchases are avoided and the event is able to stick to the precise planning that is needed. Online ticket purchasing also reduces staff members workloads as tickets are sent out by email automatically after they have purchased, along with an attendee list that is automatically created.

Members benefit from the member management through online ticket purchasing as they are able to quickly process their payment while related resources are also shown and which they are then given access to. An electronic copy is also automatically sent to the email address provided. If members loose the email or accidentally delete the email they are able to view an online copy saved within their member portal which can be printed for added convenience.

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