Q&A System

Receiving too many phone calls with members asking the same questions?

If your association spends a high amount of time on the phone answering member queries then it may be time to think about implementing a Question and Answers section. The Q&A feature is a fundamental section in the Member Evolution member management solution. The tool allows members to ask questions as well as enabling them to answer. The main purpose of Q&A is for industry experts to spread their knowledge and expertise throughout the association.

The association website and software enables the Q&A section to function effectively with minimising support calls from member queries. A Q&A section creates a knowledge database of links and valuable member and visitor information on relevant industry and association information. Q&A section can include a range of information including, links, articles and interesting topics members would be interested in.

Having a Q&A section on your website is a great way for visitors and future members to get answers to any of their questions about membership and member benefits prior to signing up. The beauty about a Q&A section is that you don’t just gain insight from one person on a specific topic but you gain a variety of views and opinions from a range of industry experts.   

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