Segment Your Audience, Generate More Leads and Save Money


Segmenting your audience is important for associations and member management organisations as a whole.
In a technological world, where thanks to Google, useful and relevant information is immediately available at a keystroke, it is important to give your audience exactly the information that they are looking for because that is exactly what they have grown to expect.
With search engine algorithms becoming more streamlined and their aim dedicated to provide you with useful and relevant information as quickly as possible, users have become used to getting what they need quickly and have an increased ability to discard information that is of no relevance to them.
As a Not for Profit / Associations you have members that expect information that is relevant to your industry as well as relevant to that specific member. Therefore, b segmenting your audience and only providing information of relevance you will keep your audience engaged and hopefully retain them as a member for longer.
As such it is an absolute must for not for profits and Associations of any size to connect with your community and deliver useful and relevant information that won't be discarded within the 3 seconds that you now have to grab their attention before they move on.
No longer is it just ok to insert a first name in an automated email and call that personalisation. You are now expected to communicate with your audience on an individual level. To do this well you need to not only understand your audience segmentation but also provide information of relevance to that segmentation.

So Are You Ready to Communicate Better and Save Money and Resources at the same time?

Many email newsletter plans are based on a cost per transaction basis so if you send out X newsletters then you’re paying $x/newsletter so you want to make the most of these newsletters and target your audience well. This can waste a lot of money if you only have one newsletter list. 

With Member Evolution you can segment your audience and target each audience group with different communications so that you only give information of relevance to your members.
By using Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which is built into the back end engine of Member Evolution, you can rapidly and easily create dynamic communication lists and market segments for your organisation. This allows you to be able to deliver relevant communications and specifically target your members. You will experience improved open rated and member engagement because the content being delivered is personalised for their preferences.
By using the Member Portal your members can subscribe themselves or unsubscribe themselves to Special Interest Groups that are of interest to them. It gives them the control to be able to tailor content to their individual preferences and frequency. It eliminates the need for endless searching to find content of interest and relevance to each specific member as they control what they see. 
Marketing to your audience via an eNewsletter tool will make it simple and easy for your administration staff to send newsletters to promote the business, encourage attendance at upcoming events, or communicate policy or other content that is relevant to your members as required. Because you can track open rates, bounces and what content has been read in the eNewsletters by visitors, you can then understand your audience and better target future communications to your members.

Let Your Community Segment Themselves

Your members can also choose within the member portal exactly what interests them and what they want to receive information on. Let them choose what is relevant to them and you will keep them happy.

Create Market Segments

As well as allowing your members to segment themselves into some communications, try to also segment your audience by the type of engagement that they have with you. You could choose to segment these by membership types as well as different roles e.g. board member, fellow, partner, supplier, volunteer, etc

Don't Forget Geo Targeting

If you know that certain communications will be relevant to some locations moreso than others, then you can also target by geographic location as well.

So How Does This Save Me Money?

Not only will this segmentation help your member engagement but it will also help conversion rates which will increase membership, attendance at events and profitability but it will also reduce the costs of eNewsletter mail out because you are not sending to everyone and only sending to the audience that information is relevant to.
The aim is to be able to better understand your different audiences and how they interact and react to different messaging so that you can segment and target your communications accordingly.
Speak to Member Evolution today for more information on how you can target your audience, use your member management software better and get better value for money from your member communications.