Targeted Communications

Not sure who to target when sending a newsletter or email?

Associations often struggle with knowing who to target when sending a newsletter or email. As most Associations or Not-For-Profits would just send mass newsletters and emails to all of their members, not targeting a specific group or membership type. It is important to target an exact group and with the Member Evolution membership website makes targeting a specific group possible.

When members sign up to your association with the Member Evolution association software they are required to subscribe to a variety of special interest groups (SIGs). The categories differ depending on your Association but usually there is a general, events, cpd events and marketing SIGs that your members have the choice of subscribing to. The beauty of SIGs is that members have the choice and freedom when choosing a group and they can change their preferences at any time depending on their interests.

The advantage of the Member Evolution member database software is that staff can now create dynamic lists as well as segment a group to both market and send out communications. Staff can do this by targeting a special interest group and creating the content specifically tailored around them. The reason for this results in a more personalised approach increasing interactions and a rise in open rates.     

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