Time to Fight Spam Emails

Mike Whitehouse - Member Evolution Executive Director
Emails are one of those worries membership organisations and not for profits should not need to worry about, especially when it comes to spammers. Those organisations that do not have any current spam filters in place will know all about the pain of receiving inappropriate and not mention the sheer  volume of spam emails each day.
As of a few nights ago (04/05/2015) Aspedia implemented a new Email Server with a new spam filtering solution that will improve our ability to detect SPAM messages. The system will reduce on-going spam emails being received by our clients. 
How Spamming Works? 
Spammers are very clever and are continually updating and changing their approach to sending spam as they are always looking for new ways to outsmart systems designed to support legitimate email users. 
Intuital new Spam System 
Our systems administrator Julian has designed a new spam system that can learn from your behaviour, so support from our clients will help to train the software for the benefit of all users. All that is needed is to forward any spam emails our clients receive to a designated email account. This way the email server will constantly check for your updates and then modify its rules automatically. 
Spam emails will still get through as no hard and fast rules imposed by the system or legitimate email may be stopped. It will though learn from the collective actions of our entire client base and the more emails reported the tougher it will be for them to spam our clients in the future. 
With the help of our clients and our staff Aspedia aims to reduce SPAM globally.