Webinar Details: Strategies to Increase Member Engagement

Dan Keller - Member Evolution Sales Manager

Date: Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm NSW Time

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Presenters: Dan Keller and Bruce Rasmussen

Cost: Free!
About the Webinar...
Many not-for-profit organisations that report high member engagement scores are in turn rewarded with a high member retention score.
Watch this webinar to discover a variety of ways to increase your organisations membership engagement through the use of website data segmentation, content personalisation and gamification strategies.
Our webinar presenters will also assist you to:
  • Focus your organisations content, based on what is popular amongst users
  • Effectively segment members based on their user characteristics - demographic, geographic and psychographic
  • Transfer information gathered from your members into personalised, targeted and useful content
  • Use gamification and community collaboration to increase engagement
  • Measure engagement using dynamic data (real time reporting)
About the Presenters...
Dan Keller - Member Evolution Sales Manager   
Working the in Association and NFP industry Dan has over 30 years' experience in the IT sector, and 12 years' experience working with NFPs and Associations. Dan shares his experience and knowledge of IT and the NFP sector to help organisations build membership recruitment and retention strategies and streamline their operational processes by utilising his in-depth understanding of the needs and issues NFPs and Associations face on a daily basis.
Bruce Rasmussen - Management Consultant: Marketing Consultant, Social Selling and Growth Strategy Bruce
Bruce is a B2B consultant with over 20 years industry expertise working with organisations. Bruce specialises in providing effective and modern methods of marketing and growth strategies to improve the outcomes of online strategy. Bruce believes that 'Content is the new cold calling' and marketing is really just content, with different messages and delivery mechanisms depending on the buyer journey location. Bruce is also the owner of his own Successful consulting firm, Carpe' Diem.