What eLearning Software will Enhance my Associations Efforts?

A learning management system (LMS) is defined as a software application for the documentation, administration, reporting and tracking of training programs whether they be online, e-learning or face to face.

The right eLearning platform will help you better reach your goals whether they are focused on enhancing eLearning, continuing education, mobile learning or certification programs. The correct LSM for your association will be designed with the features to enable you to meet your unique learning goals, resulting in a positive ROI.     

External Programs Vs One Code Base eLearning System

In the past all inclusive solutions were sought after but not yet available however, with the recent advancements in technology eLearning system can be either integrated into a member management system or built in to the system using the one code base.

External Programs (Integrated via API)

Moodle is a popular eLearning platform that is an open source collaborative system used across the world. Moodle stands for Modular Objective-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle is an external program that integrates with association software (if your current software supports plugins). Moodle is known for its wide range of tools sets.  

The following highlights both the positives and negatives found across a verity of forums talking about Moodle:


  • Fairly easy to implement 
  • Low cost
  • Access to a range of tools
  • Open source community
  • External plugin
  • Use what you get
  • Uses a range of different tools and you need to learn how to use each
  • Limited technical support at all only forums
  • Need to be tech savvy to use it or be prepared for a steep learning curve
  • Issues with self-enrolment of courses
  • Not much progress from version 2.0
  • Minimal enrolment management
  • Designed by programmers hard to understand for the average person
  • Not developed to cope with large organisations
  • More usage the slower the site becomes
  • Experience less problems if you have a team of programmers

One Code Base (Installable Module)

The other option is a complete member management system that is tailored to your association needs and forms part of the Membership Management Solution. Everything is built and configured within the one piece of software using the latest cutting edge technology. This innovative technology allows for improved management and communication between members, students and staff through the one database. The benefit of having everything built in within the one system is that Students can complete their online courses, view their results and access member data from within the Member Portal.

Positives and negatives of using one code base include:

Positives Negatives
  • Saves staff time and resources no external parties
  • No double entry of data between systems
  • Single Sign-on - One User Account
  • Easy to push through updates
  • Ease of reporting through the CRM
  • Enables user management of groups or individuals
  • Easy to use by non-technical resources
  • Technical support available through your CRM provider
  • Tailored specifically to your association
  • Real time reporting across your entire business
  • Automated process can be easily added
  • Higher costs
  • Longer implantation timeframe 
  • Not a standalone program


As you can see there are a variety of positives and negatives to each approach.

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