What is Software as a Service (SaaS) & what are the benefits for NFPs and Associations?

Mike Whitehouse - ME CEO

Software as a service (SaaS) is an application that is delivered over the internet as a service. It is a simply way of freeing your association from complex software and hardware management, as there is no need for installing and maintain software.

These applications have a few different names and can be called; Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. The SaaS provider managers access to the application, including security, performance and availability.

Member Evolution's Association memebrship management system is provided via SaaS.

Benefits of SaaS

An internet connection is all you need to access the infrastructure.
In the past, organisations were required to buy, build and maintain their IT infrastructure with the exponential costs involved. SaaS offers an alternative with the ability to now use shared services via the internet.

The many benefits of SaaS are easy to see and there is no wonder it has grown so quickly with the vast benefits it has to offer organisations of all shapes and sizes. Discover why customers are turning to SaaS solutions:

New Releases - Upgrades

Customers do not need to download or install any patches, as SaaS providers do this themselves. When SaaS upgrades the solution it becomes available for customers. This reduces the cost associated with upgrades and is a lower cost compared to traditional models that force the user to buy, upgrade or pay for installation. Take the stress of website downtimes and other past issues with SaaS.

High Adoption

The great part about SaaS is that it is available from any computer or device anytime as long as you have an internet connection. This leads to having high adoption rates with lower learning curves.

Lower Costs 

The cost of SaaS is calculated on a subscription base allowing the user access to the service. No licence fee means lower initial costs. Maintenance costs are also reduced since the SaaS provider managers and owns the environment; it is split among all customers that currently use the solution.

It also enables organisations to predict costs even if your organisation grows you will still have a clear idea of costs allowing more accurate budgeting.

Scalability and Integration

SaaS solutions reside in the cloud which allows scalability to your organisation, you are not stuck or limited to a certain number of members rather with SaaS it grows with your organisation.


The vendor takes on the responsibility for maintaining the software and upgrading it ensuring it is reliable and meeting the agreed upon service level agreements along with keeping the application and its data secure. The vendor has a much higher level of security than a association would provide. Many vendors would have very secure data centres in multiple Geographic’s. Data is also being automatically backed up providing additional security and peace of mind. The data centre hosting provides added benefit for disaster recovery.      

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