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Automated Events and Conference Software - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 2

Member Evolution's software solution provides associations with the latest cutting edge membership technology. The automated events and conference section is only one part of many functions the software offers.

Part 1 of the automated events and conference process addressed the effortless event creation procedure for staff, highlighting the additional information staff members can utilise to their advantage.

AuSAE Networking Series 1 Wrap up

As an annual partner of AuSAE, Member Evolution has attended every networking lunch in the series so far this year and as such have experienced first hand the staggering re-invigoration of AuSAE in all cities nationwide and at the same time sampled some very fine food!

Automating the Events and Conference Process - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 1

Events and conferences occur year round, and the majority of associations have their own events benefiting members' professions and interests. Event planning and coordinating can be a nightmare for staff with all the added stress and pressure that comes with it. A semi-automated events process allows association staff to create events with ease. Associations need their events and conferences to run smoothly and professionally, satisfying existing members whilst gaining new ones. The process of this will be discussed below in the easy event creation section of this blog.