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15 Self Service Member Portal Benefits that will add Value to your Association

Empowering your members, member benefits and member retention are the keywords on all associations' lips, as they strive to add value to their members without realising that for the most part the value is already there - it is just a matter of presentation and education!

The Latest Developments Affecting Not-For-Profit Organisations

The September federal election was an interesting turning point for the Not-For-Profit Sector, and following the election it is vital for NFP organisations to closely monitor any changes and reforms that may have occurred within the governing sector.

A September issue was compiled by Email Ford Lawyers that will bring you up to date with the latest Not-For-Profit developments and will include:

Not-For-Profits Aim for the Cloud

It's time to think outside the cloud and look at the bigger picture of what the adoption of the cloud system can do for your organisation or Not-For-Profit. The cloud is all about making your organisation more efficient, flexible and allowing better collaboration between staff, members and your sponsors.

Time to Pick up Your Association's Marketing and Advertising Efforts

As the current Not-For-Profit environment moves towards an IT future it is important not to lose sight of your association's marketing and advertising. Associations are moving towards a complete CRM system to improve their website functionality while streamlining and automating day to day activities. While these actions are all positive, associations should not forget about marketing not only to their members but also to future members, sponsors and donors.

Not-For-Profits Turning to a Future in IT

In today's environment Not-For-Profit organisations and associations are driven not by the need to make a profit but to expand, change and stay relevant. The need to stay relevant and evolve with the times is a huge factor as most organisations have unpaid staff and some may have both paid and volunteer staff. Not-For Profits more than ever have a need for efficient workflows and up to date technologies that can be utilised, allowing better collaboration between staff, sponsors and their members.

Utilising NFPs Resources