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Advantages of Bulk SMS Automated Reminders for Associations

Users are getting increasingly more involved with their smart phones which are now helping organise people’s day to day lives. The change has taken place from using the more traditional diary pen and paper method to storing information and meetings on the smart phone which you always have with you, so the transition makes sense. The growth of smart phones has caused a new focus on mobile marketing where users receive information via a text message.

How SMS works for Associations

Don’t Let Switching Association Membership Software Slow You Down

Making the switch to a new online membership software is not only expensive but time consuming for many associations. Productivity can be slowed down when the transition is taking place, but it’s not all bad news. There are several key approaches that can help make the transition smooth and stress-free for all staff involved and, eventually, members when the new system is live.

Maximum Impact on your Association's Twitter Account

Having your Twitter account aligned with your association’s goals is ideal, along with determining how Twitter can help you achieve these goals. Many associations tend to push out messages that start with verbs like: “attend, come, read or join”. Although these are great for engaging users, too much pushing can overdo your Twitter account. Finding the balance is crucial and there are a number of other techniques that can help engage your members and users.

Recognise Members and Industry Achievements

FMA Joins the Family

The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) joins the Member Evolution family. FMA Australia is the peak national representative body for the facility management industry. The association serves to further the objectives of facilities managers and the facilities management industry, through providing a range of member benefits and services including professional development and advocacy.

Growth of FMA