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How to Successfully Distribute your Associations Content via Social Media

The way in which we use social media is evolving each day and estimates indicate within the near future the majority of adults will obtain their information from social media networks rather than search engines. This may already be the case for you whether you have realised it or not. Social media networks continue to grow in terms of users and reach and there is no doubt they will become a primary source of referral traffic to your website and blog.

Having Trouble Managing Event Attendee Lists and Selling Tickets Online?

A lot of time and resources are put into organising and running events for your association or NFP organisation. Events can also put a lot of unwanted stress on top of your staff members workload.

What if there was a more effective way of running your association’s events resulting in time, resources and money saved? Would you be open to innovation and change that has proven results?

Event Attendee Lists 

Are you wanting to Increase your Membership Renewal Rates but not sure where to begin?

Member retention is a crucial aspect of any association and improving retention rates is on everyone’s to do list. The reason is simple with statistics and industry findings indicating that on average a business loses 50% of their customers every five years. This can also cost an organisation up to 7-10 times more than retaining existing members.

Not only are retention techniques important but new member recruitment is also vitally crucial.

Content is Key

Welcome Dan Keller Who Joins the ME Team!

Aspedia Australia Appoints Dan Keller As Its New Sales Manager for Member Evolution!

Aspedia Australia is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Dan Keller as its new Sales Manager for the Member Evolution product. Dan commenced his new role with Aspedia Australia on 1 September 2014 and comes with a wealth of experience working with many associations, particularly after having previously worked as Sales and Marketing Director at another Australian based specialised software solutions provider.