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How to Make a Decision when choosing SaaS software?

The way we use, buy and even think about software has changed. Take a look back 10 years ago when choosing software for your business or organisation was a very big decision. There were many factors that needed to be considered such as; the software package, where the servers would be and what servers, the type of operating system to be used as well as storage, security and network needs just to name a few.

How to use Software to Leverage your Associations Social Media and Marketing Efforts

Marketing and social media are great avenues for Associations to build member engagement, increase brand awareness, provide industry programs and improve industry standards. An interesting statistic highlights that 54% of associations do not have an allocation for a social marketing budget.

Association challenges:

  • Not able to measure ROI
  • Not enough integration of social media throughout organisation
  • No budget allocated to social media marketing
  • Not having social media goals

Step 1: Goals

The Member Engagement Pyramid: How to Grow your Online Community

It’s every association’s dream to have highly engaged members, but unfortunately this is not always the case. The aim for all associations is to get consumers to become members and then for those members to increase engagement with the organisation and then to retain those highly engaged members.

Small World Labs has established these six steps to form the member engagement pyramid [see image below]:

1. Observing 2. Following 3. Endorsing 4. Contributing 5. Owning 6. Leading

Observing Stage

5 Strategies for Associations to Build Member Engagement in 2016

Since the ‘5 Strategies for Associations to Build Member Engagement in 2015’ article was such a hit last year, we have decided to give associations insight into what’s in store for 2016.

Security in the Cloud - Is your Association website in danger of being hacked?

As an IT professional I always like to have a look at what the experts predict will be the top technology trends for the 2016 year ahead.