How to Make a Decision when choosing SaaS software?

Catherine Lever - Member Evolution

The way we use, buy and even think about software has changed. Take a look back 10 years ago when choosing software for your business or organisation was a very big decision. There were many factors that needed to be considered such as; the software package, where the servers would be and what servers, the type of operating system to be used as well as storage, security and network needs just to name a few.

You also needed to find an IT expert that would work with your organisation. The membership system also needed to grow with your organisation and be a value for money deal. Many associations and organisations would have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars for this to be completed.

Introduction of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Now there is a new service and it’s referred to as ‘SaaS’ – Software as a service and it’s transformed everything.  SaaS software providers look after all of the hardware and security needs. What’s changed is that the internet is now a low cost and scalable way of delivering software and it reduces the cost of these association membership management solutions from once costing hundreds to now a more affordable price.

The Process of Choosing Membership Software 

The complex decision making of choosing a membership software solution has been taken away and it has made it much easier for associations to make a decision. But many associations have forgotten the important processes that need to be considered and taken into account prior to a software service selection. 

Tim Dowling from Workflow max has compiled a great 3 step process on how to bring those processes back into the membership software selection – Please View Here.

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