Centralisation of Data

Does your Association waste time and resources finding data?

Many Associations and Not-For-Profit Organisations face the daily challenge of data storage centralisation. Locating content across the organisation may be a continuous struggle and hours wasted on locating the correct file or document. Now there is a more effective solution to maximise not only your staffs time but to also benefit your members with the Membership system centralisation of data offered by Member Evolution.

Centralised data means that all your data is located in the one place, compared to decentralised data which is scattered data stored on several machines and servers. Decentralised data has a higher number of portals and therefore security is lower as intruders can enter through a number of different access points gaining company information, not to mention the higher costs involved.

Our Member Evolution centralised data offers endless benefits to an Association with convenience, security, increased speed, efficiency and more. Having the peace of mind knowing that your data is fully secure and protected is vital. The Association management solution increases an organization's workflow to a higher level while improving effectiveness. Content is made easily accessible to locate your most important files along with full access to gain a 360 degree view of the business. 

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