Connect & Grow with Membership Software

Bring together your association or Not-For-Profit organisation to achieve a successful future with cutting edge membership software. Associations benefit from utilising world class technology and software to maximise professional day to day operations.

Member Evolution's award winning membership software integrates all administrative functions in the one place, providing a centralised hub of information that is easily assessable at your finger tips.

One Centralised CRM System

As associations and NFP organisations continue to grow it is important to stay connected with their members, and Member Evolution provides that platform. The membership software allows association staff to stay easily connected with their members through the software integration.
Member Evolution provides six solutions in one:

  1. Website
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Member Portal
  4. Member Database
  5. CRM
  6. Financials

The solutions are entirely customised to meet your association's exact processes and includes all these modules in one all encompassing solution.


The membership software provides unlimited solutions and features to staff and members. Websites are 100% customised to meet the association's needs and content is personalised increasing the ability to drive valuable information.

The ecommerce system provides ease of online member sign-up and automatic renewal process. Events and resources are all able to be purchased online.

The member portal provides a personal hub where members can view events, CPD points and more. Members are able to update their own personal history, change passwords and answer questions.

The member database provides all the member's history and business can be included in the directory, where members can communicate and promote their businesses, creating leads.

The membership CRM system reduces running costs and administration staff are able to sends newsletters, create events and more all in the one centralised location.

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