How to go About Mobilising Your Membership Organisation

Denise Belcher

In the previous post: why you should mobilise your membership organisation we looked into a number of surprising statistics from Google and Social Media. The statistics highlighted the changes the web is currently going through as well as how consumers are using responsive website and the outcomes for you as an association if you’re not adapting to these changes.

So You Ask…. “What Exactly Is A Mobile Responsive Website?”

In basic terms a responsive website responds to an individual’s behaviour and environment depending on the screen size, platform and orientation for which the website is being viewed. If you have a website that does not resize to the size device that someone is searching from, they are more than likely to exit your website immediately and go directly to your competitor’s mobile responsive site and buy from them.

Remember that you only have 3 seconds to engage your audience before you lose them for good! Yep, that’s how much time you have to provide your user with a great user experience and data that is relevant to their search criteria. Scary isn’t it?

So ask yourself this question - “Are you losing business daily because you have not moved to what your audience is demanding and mobilised your website?” You just can’t afford NOT to be mobile in today's business world.

Think about this statement:

“Today We Don’t Just Go Online – We Actually Live Online”.

By making your website responsive it provides a seamless user experience across all devices as well as being optimised for future devices.

Ok So You Get It! You NEED to be online and you HAVE to be Mobile Responsive.

But…. How Do You Go About Mobile-ising Your Business?

That part is easy…. Aspedia has helped many businesses and associations to optimise themselves online. We don’t just build you a website, we build you an online business! One that matches your user with the user experience that they get when they hit your site.

And we don’t stop there - we then help you to market that business online to make sure that you succeed and get great results and a profitable Return on Investment.

One of our fully trained consultants would be more than happy to assist you in developing an online strategy that works for you, and more importantly, an online strategy that works for your users. Remember they are the ones paying the bills so you need to give them what they want and users of today demand a lot!

Having been Google partners for over 5 years, we have been running successful online businesses, online campaigns and marketing strategies for a broad range of clients across all industries and the not for profit sector….

With a team of inhouse fully qualified Project Managers, Designers, Developers and Marketing Specialists we are your one stop shop for Mobilising Your Business.

Still Not Sure? Well don’t just hear it from us….. Let our proven results speak for themselves:

Australian Building and Inspection Services

ABIS are a valued client of Aspedia Australia and have been using our marketing services for many years. Last year we converted their existing non mobile website to a mobile responsive site.

The results are very interesting, with mobile conversions skyrocketing up 30% from that of previous results. This is all because a user can access what they need, have information presented clearly and succinctly so that they find the what that they are looking for, and then make the decision to buy whilst they are browsing. It means that you convert them whilst they are in the buying cycle and you don’t lose them with the intent of “maybe” coming back to your website later from a desktop device.

Interestingly, desktop conversions are also up 5% from previous. So, overall it seems that ABIS customers are much happier with the layout and usability of the new mobile responsive website from both mobile and desktop devices.


Other interesting results from Aspedia’s marketing efforts are:

  • IMC - 40% increase in event attendance by moving to Member Evolution
  • apicsAU - SEO Keyword Rankings up 71 places in only 3 months
  • DEPPRO - 10% sales increase with 50% less budget
  • ABIS - 50% cost reduction in delivering their services
  • Sci Qual - 151% enquires over what was projected
  • Algester Electrical - increase of 171 places on google since taking on campaign
  • Mainline Waterproofing - increase of 122 places on google since taking on campaign
  • Status Plus - increase of 248 places on google since taking on campaign
  • Samsung - increase of 672 places on google since taking on campaign
  • Member Evolution - increase of 720 places on google since creating our campaigns

Hear What Our Clients Say:

“We now have a product that looks contemporary and our members believe it is a significant improvement over the previous member access portal. As with anything we are always on the lookout for better ways to be doing things and ME are more than willing to discuss our ideas to implement, either now or in the future, as well as assist us in any way they can. We also have the benefit of any ideas, feedback, tweaks, improvements identified by other ME users being updated to our site. Overall we are happy with the product and look forward to our site growing and evolving.”  - Janette Azzopardi at FMA

So there you have it. It’s time to stop procrastinating about whether to go Mobile or not! To compete today you HAVE to go mobile.

Contact us today to organise your FREE no obligation “Mobilising Your Business” consultation.