How to improve your Association or Not-For-Profit's SEO by utilising Keywords: Part 1

In this month's blog we will be focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO) for associations and Not for Profit organisations. The first instalment will include 'on-page optimisation' and the second will move into 'off-page optimisation'.‘On-page optimisation' refers to how you structure the content on that page, and what words and links you use to get the best results.

For associations, ensuring your SEO on your website is set up correctly may not be as important as for businesses that rely on people finding their website to engage with them.

Associations and Not for Profit organisations are usually well known within their industry. However, when your members or potential members are searching for an answer to a problem online, it will be more beneficial to them to find the right page on your website more easily.


Keywords or keyword phrases are the words that internet surfers type into search engines to find information they are looking for. It is important to choose your keywords based on what your potential customers are searching on.

Review the keywords you are going to use for a particular topic. Use the free Google keyword tool to determine how many people are searching for the words you believe you should use. Google will show you similar words that may have more traffic, to view the link please click here.

If you operate in different areas of Australia or Australasia, each state may use different terms to describe the same thing. You can check the terms of popularity for different states by using Google trends. For example, some states might use the term Public Relations Firm, where others might use Public Relations Company, and others might use Public Relations Agencies.

In this case, you can either choose the most popular state’s terminology and use that throughout your site, or you can write a page of content for each state and discuss how you can benefit members in that state.

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