Association Membership Reporting

Having trouble gathering graphs and analytics on your organisation & members?

Reporting becomes time consuming and resource intensive as there are a number of reports that are carried out by your organisation on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The reporting aspect is critical for Associations and Not-For-Profit organisations as it aids in the planning, forecasting and budgeting phases. These are vital for Associations and Not-For-Profit organisations and getting the most accurate reports better enables critical decisions to be made.

Member Evolution specialises in association management and the automated reporting tools allows Associations to keep on top of their reporting. The executive management team can now report on the key metrics and performance of their organisation at any required moment. The reporting tools allow real time analytics and graphs for better planning and forecasting.

The automated reporting membership software graphs and displays real time information as members sign up. Viewing, monitoring and overseeing events, membership and more has never been easier with instant feedback. Your members also benefit with automated reports that appear in their member portal.

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