Frustrated with Repetitive and Time Consuming Invoicing Runs?

Catherine Lever - Marketing and Communications Member Evolution

Is your association or Not-for-Profit spending too much time on repetitive administration tasks and member related transactions?

It’s that time of year again when memberships need to be renewed and invoicing runs can be time consuming and resource intensive. Staff members are stressed and you need to find a better solution so your association is not in the same position this time next year.

By using an integrated member database, the days of manual and time consuming invoicing runs can be gone. Integrated Member Databases provide a central location of members' subscriptions and personal details for a cost effective yet flexible solution. Database Integration also allows increased accessibility for members and staff giving a huge reduction in administration time that might have been spent performing repetitive tasks. Beware all of your systems must be able to talk to one another otherwise there is no time saving. 

Member Data Integration

Previously members' data was stored in a variety of different offline places using a range of tools, and finding and managing data was time consuming and frustrating. Now as the member database software evolves there is a cost- and time-effective method that allows your staff to easily manage your members. Membership data integration can be customised to meet your association's exact processes with an unlimited number of membership types, lengths and renewal dates. All the information is stored and controlled in one centralised CRM location on the cloud. 

The Member Evolution membership database software holds the key to efficient workflows. The membership database performs a range of features including:

  • 100% Automated renewal reminders
  • Xero and MYOB SaaS Integration
  • Meetings - scheduling and invitations 
  • Document management
  • Multi-step member validation/ approval workflow 
  • True 360 degree system wide reporting
  • Member engagement reporting 
  • Unlimited email schedules 
  • Automated CPD point allocation 

Online Accessibility - SaaS 

Many associations are looking for software solutions that use software as a service (SaaS) which is a software distribution model where applications are hosted by the vendor or service provider which is then made available to consumers via a network - internet. A few of the many benefits include; 

  • enhanced administration 
  • global accessibility 
  • improved collaboration 
  • updates are made automatic along with patch management by the vendor 
  • compatibility - every user has access to the same version of software

Compatibility is a major factor as it saves time and money for the association as vendors are more likely to update your software when you are using SaaS compared to if you are not. For Example: if your not using software that is SaaS then the vendor updates peices of software here and there throughout the website and all staff may be using a different version causing confusion, and consuming precious time.  

SaaS allows improved access and collaboration 24/7, anywhere they have access to the internet. Having a system that is easily accessible online gives staff a 360 degree view of their business. Staff are able to view membership statuses and any transactions that have occurred for a membership, event, resources, shop items and more all in real time via real time reporting or business intelligence (BI) reporting . Being able to view any member interactions throughout your site is a valuable feature and allows staff to easily stay on top of day to day activities.

The member only section, also known as the Member Portal, allows members to keep up to date with the latest news and events that are of most interest to them. In the member portal, members are able to update their own personal information in real time. Members have full access to update addresses, emails and even their businesses details. This is a great way for staff to save time as members have full access to update their own information. Repetitive tasks are taken away from staff providing a cost and time effective solution.

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