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Finance Management System

Automated Renewal Reminder

Member Evolution can be configured to send Membership Renewal reminder emails on a preset schedule. Create any number of lead-up emails with your specified content and schedule them to be automatically sent to the Members Administration and Finance Contacts.

No longer do you need to worry about sending renewal emails or chasing up customers to renew their membership - Member Evolution does it for you. The system will only alert you when someone has failed to pay so you can schedule a follow-up call.

To increase your retention rates you can use these automated emails as a marketing tool by including Special Offers, Member Benefits and Express Payment options.

Recurring Membership Plans

Member Evolution allows for "Memberships" to be set up as an automatic recurring payment with two primary choices:

Prorate: Prorate Membership Plans allow a fixed date to be set by you when all membership renewals occur and all ‘New’ Members are presented a prorate fee on initial sign-up. The fee is automatically calculated based on the date they apply and the date of renewal, providing an accurate real time sign-up fee reflecting the term left of the current year's Membership.

Anniversary: Anniversary Membership Plans renew on the anniversary date of a member's signup. This provides considerable cash flow benefits to your organisation and allows for administration of renewals to be spread across the year, reducing your peak resource load, allowing for better staff utilisation and minimal impact of membership service delivery.



Accounting Integration

Xero is a powerful and easy to use online accounting system that is integrated into the Member Evolution financial management software. Xero is designed to synchronise data across your association or Not-For-Profit organisation. By installing Xero’s automated processes you will save hours by not having to create invoices or receipt payments for memberships, events and other financial purchases.

Payment Gateways

The Member Evolution association management software integrates two payment gateway solutions including SecurePay and PayPal. A payment gateway is a service that processes the debiting of money from a credit card and puts the funds into your online merchant account (a bank account).

SecurePay includes a range of online features that enhances the way you do business. Not only does SecurePay allow credit card payments to be taken online in a secure environment, it provides a separate login to view every transaction that should have arrived in your bank, or sets up recurring payments.

PayPal provides a similar service with online secure payments for customers either with or without a PayPal account (a recently introduced feature).

Learn more on how Member Evolution integrates with Xero.

More Features

Member Retention Strategies

Automated Billing

Set up memberships with automatic recurring billing and Prorate or Anniversary payment options
Membership eCommerce Solution

Payment Options

Variety of payment options including credit card, Paypal, pay on account and pay on invoice

Data Export/Import

Export data from your Member Management CRM System and upload it into any accounting system
Member Financial Management

Payment History

Record a detailed history of every transaction processed through the website or Member Management CRM

Premium Members

Sell premium listing placements on your website to those members seeking higher credibility and visibility

PCI Security

We meet the highest standard for security with our payment gateway certified as PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant

Event Dashboard

Track registrations, payment receipts and revenues for organisation-wide events from a single dashboard

Tax & Shipping

Automatically calculate tax eCommerce transactions plus shipping fees for merchandise sold

Invoice Discounts

Apply discounts when creating manual invoices with the ability to modify the total invoice value or per item value

Debtor Receipting

Receipt all payments in your Member Management system for organisation-wide presentation of members' payment status

Product Types

Sell multiple product types including Apparel, Shippable, Downloadable, Viewable and Membership Products

Sign-up Processes

Allow users to sign up using either Express or Webfriend Processes

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