Blog Archive for January 2013

Benefits of Automated Online Membership Renewal for Organisations

In this week's blog we will discuss how ever-changing technologies and innovative solutions can help membership-based organisations, companies and Non-for-Profits streamline their membership renewals.

Why is Social Media Important for Non-profit Organisations? Five ways to utilise it

The aim of nearly every association, no matter who they are or what industry they are in, is to effectively communicate with their members whilst reaching new ones. There has to be one thing said about social media, though it has many faults, is it's a great way to connect with people at any time in any place. Here we will discuss several different points as a starting basis for any organisation wishing to communicate via the means of social media.

Aspedia Wins Optus Most Innovative Australian IT Company 2011

Aspedia was nominated in the Optus IT Challenge for innovation late last year. Being one of hundreds of nominees from Small Medium Business (SMB) to Enterprise, the initial stage of the competition involved a peoples choice competition on the dedicated event website. With support from many of our clients and partners, Aspedia placed a respectable third for this stage.