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Association Government Privacy Principles 2014 Update

The Australian Government has introduced the new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), replacing the National Privacy Principles, becoming effective from March 2014. The new Privacy Principles will apply to all organisations and agencies.

The 13 APPs are provided in the fact sheet for the 1st schedule of the Privacy Amendment which is to enhance the privacy protection Act 2013.

APP Privacy Policy

Don’t Leave your Members Behind – Go Digital and Embrace Technology

Gone are the days of associations communicating to their members via direct mail, as marketing dollars are being moved towards digital campaigns in a big way. This is where associations need to keep up with the changes and embrace the shift towards a more technology driven environment.

There are so many positive aspects to look at with the shift towards digital marketing, with tracking and reporting done almost automatically, and managers able to easily know exactly what return they are getting on their marketing efforts.

No More Direct Mail

How Associations are Utilising Technology to Enhance Education Programs

Associations are continually looking to the use of technology to enhance learning capabilities within their organisations. Members are the focus for all associations and delivering the most relevant and on-topic resources in the most efficient way is important. To do this, associations need to utilise the latest technologies to deliver and enhance learning among members.