Plan and manage your activities to improve member satisfaction and engagement

Member Management System

Member History

Member History

Record the initial registration date for each Member and track their membership history from the initial joining date to the next expiration date including any membership lapses in between.

Use the initial registration date to automate alerts highlighting Members who have reached specific milestones and due for recognition as Life Members, Fellows and Diplomates.

Member Awards


Present industry Awards and allow online registration for Members Only including upload or resumes, images and payment of application fees. Non Members will be offered a ‘Call to Action’ message encouraging Membership Registration so they can apply.

Winners will be tracked within the CRM and presented on the website for ongoing recognition.


The Survey system will enable you to create a list of Members meeting a chosen profile and invite them to participate in a Survey. They are then sent an email explaining the Survey and what is in it for them with a link to the Online Survey.

The results of the Survey will be available to you and participating Members via a webpage including charts of the results. Participating Members will be provided access to this link in their My Member Portal and you will see a list of Members who participated in the survey from within the CRM.

Special Members

Special Members

Celebrate the contribution made to your organisation by special Members by awarding Life Member, Fellow or Diplomate status. This status is then shown on their Member profile and event badges highlighting them for their distinction.

Special benefits can be offered to these Members including event, membership, product and resource discounts, invitation only events, listing on the Life Members board and other selected benefits.  You can also send newsletters directly to these groups further building their elite status.

Gantt Chart

Program Management

Create organisation wide programs using the Member Evolution Project Management system to track past and planned Member subscription, activities, time allocated and costs.

Create Project Templates with pre-set milestones and tasks for fast creation of Projects and allow new tasks to be inserted at any time. See a Gannt chart view of activities and track resource needs and allocation.

Multiple Membership Plans

Multiple Membership Plans

Member Evolution offers the broadest range of Membership Plans available and the flexibility to easily tailor new plans to meet your specific needs. Plans can be offered as a Prorate or Annualised fee and include:

Business - multiple staff logins and branches

Premium Business - highlighted directory listing

Association - membership for industry associations

Affiliate -  non-industry participants in business directory

Premium Affiliate -  highlighted directory listing

Sponsor - non-industry participants with advertising

Contra - Free membership traded for other services 

Personal - industry professionals

Student - discount for approved course enrolments

Graduate - discount for a period post course completion

Diplomate -  usually offered after 5 active years

Fellow - usually offered after 10 active years

Life Member -  usually given after an AGM vote

More Features

Member Status

Member Relationship Status facility that helps you focus attention on those members who need you most.

Member Number

Alphanumeric 'lifetime' member numbers, plus member categories and regions

Legal Documents

Present your website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy plus force acceptance of your Terms of Purchase

Free Members

Allow both Contra and Life Member Free membership plans with full membership privledges attached

Membership Plans

Membership plans can include student, personal, business, sponsor, affiliate, diplomate, fellow and association

Data Entry

All submitted member applications create a profile in the member database with no double entry of data needed


Send out automated and personalised email reminders for scheduled payments to maximise renewal rates

Seamless Updating

Verify member information upon renewal and seamlessly update new information to the member database

Renewal Deadlines

Set deadlines for renewal fees with a grace period and automatically update the member status

Renewal Defaults

Access a real-time list of defaulting member renewals for personalised follow-ups

Auto-Member Entry

All submitted member applications create a profile in the member database with no double entry of data needed

Finance User

Select a Finance User for each Business Membership who will receive renewal reminders and invoices

AGM Voting

Provide an online voting process for members to cast an absentee vote for annual general meetings

Brand Manager

Upload logos and other materials for Member download and use on their websites and other marketing materials

Admin User

Select a Admin User for each Business Membership to receive Membership approvals and notices

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